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A Building Products Business Owner who knows that people are the key to building the business and legacy you want to create, but you're losing hope that you can actually find, hire, and keep the people you need. 

A Building Products Manufacturer, Dealer, or Distributor that is looking to position their business for sale and knows that without the right people in place you won't get top dollar (and may not ever get an offer)

A High-Achieving Executive with an equity stake that understands that a high-performing team is the key to the payday you're working so hard for, but you're frustrated and disappointed with the quality and quantity of applicants you're seeing. 

A General manager who has full profit and loss accountability that understands that the quality of their team members directly correlated to the size of their bonus and knows they're leaving money on  the table by not having a stronger team. 


Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining top performing employees has been the obstacle that's been holding you back from building the business you know is possible

This is where you keep twisting the knife... when they try to solve the problem, things get worse.

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You know your business has the potential to be a powerhouse, and you know - in your gut - that without the right recruiting and hiring practice you won't be able to reach your potential and leave the legacy you want. 

You're ready to grow and if you could find and hire the right people you'd add locations, product lines, or divisions to your business in the next 12 months. 

You're doing everything you can think of and still not seeing the level of talent you want - leaving you feeling even more frustrated and doubtful that the talent you need to grow even exists. 

You know your business hasn't hit it's highest potential, but it feels as though it could - if you could find the right people.



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Rikka Brandon started Recruiting in the building products industry in 2001. 

Since then she's made over 600 placements with a less than 1% replacement rate. She's the Founder and Chief Executive Recruiter of Building Gurus, an executive search and recruitment consulting firm that works exclusively in the Building Products Industry.

She's advised hundreds of building product companies ranging from mom and pops to the Fortune 100. However, her personal favorite has always been the privately held and often family owned business. 

Rikka's the go-to girl for growth-minded Building Products Owners and Executives who want to hire the right people to take their manufacturing, distribution, or retail business to the next level. 

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Rikka is: 

  • The leading Recruiting and Retention expert for the building products industry
  • A frequent speaker at LBM and kitchen and bath Industry conferences and events on topics related to recruiting and retention. 
  • She's the past Chair of the National Kitchen and Bath Association's National Leadership Recruitment Committee. 
  • A best-selling author 
  • Host of the LBM Recruit + Retain Podcast 
  • Frequent contributor to trade publications and associations

Rikka is focused on results, she talks fast, cracks jokes, and really believes growing your building products business should be fun. It's this energy and enthusiasm that has made the industry as well as national media take notice.

Rikka has been featured numerous times in the LBM Journal, NKBA, KBB, Lumber Bluebook, NRLA, Fast Company, American Express's Open Forum, the NFIB, and CBS.


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I would highly recommend Rikka for her commitment, expertise, and integrity! Rikka and her team have far surpassed my expectations. It has been a delight to work with them! My experience in working with an entrepreneurial company is that they pay more attention to customer needs, building relationships, and meeting expectations. Rikka and her team demonstrated this over and over again.

Marge M., Siding Manufacturer

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Rikka is an industry leader and has the emotional intelligence and soft skills to create enduring value propositions between all parties. She is able to analyze and identify needs, then deliver solutions for each individual client. In a world where the cost of hiring and firing is continuing to soar, Rikka's experience and process creates sustainability and confidence with each hire, that far outweighs its transactional cost,

Joseph Harrell, VentureMarque

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Rikka's innate ability to understand a company’s culture, has been vital to filling roles with candidates ideal for each position as well as the organization as a whole...The extra work she does to make sure it’s a fit not just in experience but also in culture lends itself to a greater probability of that person staying long-term,

Doug Shorey, ABS

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Rikka brings a broader, deeper pool from which to draw a better fit along with an innate ability to and candidates to meet a company’s unique needs.

Jeff Bloch, FL Design Works

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When you have an expert guide, you'll be able to ... 

Effortlessly Attract Top Talent 

Get more qualified applicants with every job posting, and position yourself as an Employer of Choice in your market and become the only choice in the mind of your ideal hires. 

Build a World-Class Employer Brand 

Everything you need to become the employer of choice from understanding and applying Attraction Based  Recruiting, Long Term Talent Funnels, to Networking, and Referrals.

Get "Headhunter" Results Without the Fee 

From drilling the millions of people online down to the ones that have the expertise you need to confidently start a conversation with the best talent, you will build the confidence you need to build a team of rockstars - even with a talent shortage.

Build Best Practices 

 By taking the time-tested and cutting-edge ideas and customizing them to your business, you'll be able to build world-class best practices for your entire hiring process. Once you have a recruiting and hiring process you trust to deliver the talent you need - profitable growth becomes inevitable.  

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In the LBM industry, hiring has perplexed many hiring managers and companies, oftentimes leading to less than satisfactory results. I have had the pleasure of both knowing Rikka personally and working with her for several years, and have watched her endeavor to transform the way that we as an industry think about hiring. Rikka is truly a visionary in her field and believes that the psychology and strategy of hiring are not exclusive of one another. >>>>> She has the unique ability to quantify and qualify what may be of benefit to you and your company, even when you may be struggling for clarity of thought. Adept at drawing out the “WIMI” (what is most important), she then will collaborate to construct a strategy, then advise and coach on the tactical process to ensure the highest results. Perhaps most impressive about Rikka is her ability to succinctly analyze information and trends as our industry continues to evolve, and then pivot and adapt strategy to suit the framework of the operating environment. Never one to let you rest on your laurels, she will push you to succeed — and then celebrate your successes with you. I think you will learn much from this book; I know that I did. And if you are fortunate enough to connect with Rikka — do it! She is an advocate for LBM, and will be for you and your company!

Dena, Kodiak

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For a recent opening, we first turned to our usual recruiting methods of ads in the paper and through Indeed. But when few enticing prospects turned up, we knew we had to try something different. After seeing a presentation and reading trade articles by Rikka, we decided to give her a shot. The process was perfect—very smooth. We gave her our guidelines, and she learned our culture. Within a week we had what we thought was a perfect candidate. Seeing the process through Rikka’s eyes also helped our team learn more effective ways of remaining an attractive company to qualified candidates. She’s brought a lot of interesting information to us that we might not have thought of on our own because we’re not hiring specialists.

Mike Lezzer, Lezzer Lumber

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